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Sonoco Thermosafe is largest single-source for temperature controlled packaging products to assure that your products ship safely and at the right temperature within the pharmaceutical, medical, biotech, food processing, perishable foods, specialty foods, protective packaging, and dry ice industries.

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Parcel Solutions

Sonoco ThermoSafe offers the industry's largest selection of ready engineered solutions pre-configured in a variety of sizes, temperature ranges and durations.

Pallet Solutions

Ensure the safety and quality of your most critical products with these easy-to-assemble, proven passive pallet shippers.

Active Solutions

PharmaPort® containers provide safe, reliable 5°C door-to-door transport of pharmaceuticals and other high-value cargo

Other Products & Components

Insulated Shippers


Durable Insulated Containers

Diagnostic, Infectious, Lab and Medical

Protective Packaging