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The following information is provided to better understand how free shipping works with our website.

Items marked with a free shipping logo or ships free markings means that they may qualify for free small parcel delivery within the continental United States. Please understand that there is limited space on product images and other small content areas for this information.

When your purchase of store items exceeds the minimum of $150.00 and the product is marked with the logo or states ships free then your item likely qualifies. There are many aspects involved in shipping like quantities, total weight and each warehouse's inventory level which changes every moment. If the you requested quantity is available at one of our warehouse locations and meets all the conditions for free parcel shipping then we can ship free within the continental USA.

The checkout system is not able to able to take frequently changing inventory levels into account at the time of your checkout. It is only when we process and send the order to the specific source that inventory will pulled and actual inventory may not coincide. If the inventory is no longer available at the single location and/or other minimum conditions not met are we will notify you of other options which may involve partial shipment, cancellation, paying for other shipment methods. We reserve the right to cancel or make available alternative shipping options if any changes occur upon our internal processing. Communications will be made in the event the conditions changed and free shipping becomes an unavailable option for whatever reason.

We hope that this explanation helps you with a better understanding of the complexities of shipping. Many items not marked as free shipping can actually ship free also if certain dollar thresholds are met so if you are considering a purchase above $1500.00 contact our team as we locate best low cost or free methods for shipping as online calculators are very limited.