Gas Monitor Calibration & Repair Service

Looking for an affordable gas monitor calibration service? National Supply Network offers several options from calibration only service, diagnosis only service, combined service or our quick complete service install and repair service!

  • Gas Monitor Calibration Service Only                   $  79.00 
  • Diagnostics Service                                               $125.00
  • Diagnostics & Calibration Service                          $149.00 
  • Diagnostics, Repair, Install & Calibration Service* $199.00  

Don't risk potential loss of life or even an OSHA Audit!

OSHA fines can exceed over $100,000 not including criminal and civil lawsuits and costs. Don't be one of those frequent waste water plants, fire departments, small or large business that I've visited with a non functioning or out of compliance monitor.

We have four options depending on your current monitor status.

  • Calibration: Your gas monitor works and only need a documented calibration to NIST certified gases.
  • Diagnostics: Your doesn't turn on or alarms when powered on and want us to evaluate the monitor.
  • Diagnostics & Calibration: Your unsure but likely monitor needs sensor replacement or repair.
  • Complete Service: Save with our combined service, fastest method of repair and calibration allows the technician to proceed with a set limit.

Learn more about each service below by opening the full description and choose what best fits your gas monitors situation. We use a calibration gas manufacturer that meets both ISO 9001:2015 requirements and ISO/IEC 17025:2005 requirements which is consistent with NIST standards.