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Manufacturer Part ID: HW17
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    HW17. HAZMAT HAZARDOUS WASTE LABELS Vinyl � HAZARDOUS WASTE � Federal And/Or State Law Prohibit Improper Disposal Hazmat hazardous waste labels maintain safety by clearly labeling all hazardous waste containers. Waste labels comply with current EPA and DOT regulations. D.O.T. (49 CFR part 172) and EPA (40 CFR part 262) require labeling substance containers for hazardous waste. Labels must be durable, in contrasting colors and in English. In placement, the label may not be obscured by other labels, attachments or markings. Flexible .004 mil thick Vinyl with pressure-sensitive permanent adhesive backing is designed for fast and easy peel off and application. Vinyl is a moisture-resistant, long-lasting material that strongly adheres to both flat and curved surfaces. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.