Item Number: B329119
Manufacturer Part ID: 32910
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    32910 Ridgid;32910 Model No. 10 Tubing & Conduit Cutters, 1/8"-1" Capacity
    Ridgid; Model No. 10 Tubing & Conduit Cutters, 1/8"-1" Capacity

    Clean, square cuts are easily made on copper, brass, aluminum and thin-wall conduit. Now includes X-CEL; Knob for quicker cutting. Nos. 10, 15 and 20 feature a convenient fold-away reamer. No. 30 is rated for larger diameter steel and stainless steel tubing. No. 65S is especially designed for stainless steel tubing. Includes six individual bearings and cutter wheel to make stainless cutting easier. X-CEL Means Speed. Many of our most popular tubing cutters now include several X-CEL to make your job quicker and easier. X-CEL Knob ' cut tubing more quickly and easily with our larger, more ergonomic designs. X-CEL Wheel Pin ' change your cutter wheel quickly using our new ball detent design'no tool needed'no lost clips!! Spare cutter wheels included for maximum uptime.

    Material: Copper, Brass, Aluminum, Thin-Wall Conduit
    Length: 5.5
    Width: 10
    Height: 1.75
    Actual Weight:1.03