Item Number: B861727
Manufacturer Part ID: 58890
Manufacturer: Ridge Tool Company
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    58890 RIDGID 58890; Hand Spinner W/Bulb Auger Cable, 25'L, 5/16"Dia.
    RIDGID 58890; Hand Spinner W/ Bulb Auger Cable, 25'L, 5/16"Dia.

      Features: Premium-quality, precision machined, 3-jaw chuck to firmly secure cable. Loosens/tightens with the flick-of-the-wrist. Cast aluminum ribbed hand grip that won't slip in your hand. Rotary molded plastic. Inner Core drum that won't dent or rust cleans easily. Available in bulb head and drop head models. 5/16" x 25' vinyl-wrapped inner core, kink-resistant cables. Well balanced for comfortable operation. Capacity for 35' x 5/16".

    Length: 7.75
    Width: 17.75
    Height: 7.5
    Actual Weight:8