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5IN-30FT-R GutterBrush Gutter Protection
Retail: $103.30
Price: $86.08
Availability: Drop Ships - Co-op Warehouse
Item #: 124036 -

    5IN-30FT-R GutterBrush Gutter ProtectionWhile GutterBrush resembles a large flexible bottle brush with stiff bristles, it is actually a simple, effective, and affordable gutter protection system. Specifically, GutterBrush is a cylinder shaped, twisted in wire, brush with UV protected, polypropylene bristles anchored through a 12-gauge galvanized steel wire core that is crimped at each end with a special cutting method. When placed in a rain gutter, stiff GutterBrush bristles fill the entire...

    5IN-6FT GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard
    Retail: $22.22
    Price: $18.51
    Availability: Drop Ships - Co-op Warehouse
    Item #: 100477 -

      5IN-6FT GutterBrush Simple Gutter Guard6 Ft. pack of GutterBrush, 4 pieces 18 In. each. Simple Gutter Guard for standard 5 In. gutters. Also fits 5 In. Half-Round, Box Style, Fascia Style and Plastic PVC gutters. Protect 6 linear feet or use 4 sections to protect 4 downspouts. GutterBrush, Simple Gutter Guard bristles fill your gutter blocking leaves and debris from entering while letting water flow through. Easy DIY installation, No tools necessary. Just slide GutterBrush into your gutter....