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Item Number: 571466
Manufacturer Part ID: I05040-G50
Manufacturer: Oil Dri
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    I05040-G50 Oil Dri Oil Absorbent

    Highly absorbent, nonflammable, mineral granules. Multi-purpose, may be used to absorb liquids including most types of oils, mixtures of soluble oils, acids, paints, inks, and water. It will reduce hazards and slipping accidents, help prevent flash fires of oil on floors and keep the floors clean and dry. Other home uses are tire traction on snow and ice, improve traction on walkways because of snow and ice without harming lawns, clean up garage floors and workshops, line bottom of barbecue grill to absorb grease and other liquids, add to planting soil to improve water retention and line bottom of trash cans to prevent odors and absorb liquids.

    No. I01008-G78: Weight: 8 Lb., Volume: N/A, Grade: Multi-Purpose, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bag

    No. I05040-G50: Weight: N/A, Volume: 40 Qt., Grade: Industrial, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bag

    No. I01050-G50: Weight: 50 Lb., Volume: N/A, Grade: Industrial, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bag

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    DANGER: May cause cancer if inhaled. Causes damage to the lungs through prolonged or repeated inhalation exposure.