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AGS Lock-Ease Graphited Lock Lubricant
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    LE-5 MFG P/N - SKU # Protects against sticking, rust, and freezing. Lock-Ease makes work easier year-round by sealing out moisture from working parts and providing maximum protection against freezing. Rapidly penetrates, coating all lock parts. The special carrier then evaporates, leaving a long-wearing graphite film. After evaporation, will not run in high temperatures and won't harden in sub-zero temperatures. Applications include: all types of locks, household appliances, tools, guns, reels, and other mechanisms. No. LE-5: Container Size: 3 oz, Container Type: Fluid with Flexible Snorkel, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Can No. LE-4: Container Size: 3.4 oz, Container Type: Bottle, Pkg Qty: 1, Package Type: Bottle
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