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  • Quotations are reserved for customers located within the United States only! 
  • The quotation form is for large order requests, for actual freight LTL rates or U.S. government agency requests.
  • Please have patience with our sales quoting team your requests! To achieve best product routing based we see the product closest to your shipping location. This allows us to provide the best low cost offer.
  • Please make comment if speed of delivery is of more value than bests overall price. 
  • Quotation replies are often handled within a couple hours but can also take a few business days.
  • Our hours of operation are Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm. Closed weekends and holidays.
  • All quotations are based on the provided information. Customer's are responsible for all additional shipping charges which occur from the providing shipping destination information!
  • Freight drivers do not assist in the unloading trucks. The drivers only drive the trucks. All shipping quotes are determined as Dock to Dock unless specified differently! 
  • The customers must be available and ready for all parcel or LTL deliveries, all additional fee's will will be billable to the customer.
  • Destinations located on an island, over a toll-bridge crossing, in a high traffic metropolitan district or within a restricted delivery area must be notated on quotation request to achieve correct freight charges.