Item Number: 5RPIN-18
Manufacturer Part ID: 5RPIN-18
Manufacturer: Collision Awareness Products
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Retail: $119.00
Price: $104.13
You Save: $14.87 (12.5%)

    "Stand Guard" ribbed barrier guardrails. All welded LIFT-OUT design standard, which reduces installation cost by half.
    • Rails are constructed of 10 gauge high-tensile steel.
    • 5" posts have a 10" x 10" x 5/8" base plate with a 12,000 lb at 5 mph impact rating.
    • Installs in half the time. No hardware needed!!
    • Sleeves are welded directly to the posts. No costly brackets as an afterthought.
    • Posts are available in heights of 18" & 42"
    • Rails are available in 2' through 10'. (one foot increments)
    • Rails measure center to center of post. 5" posts add 1 inch to every section of rail.
    • 5/8" x 4.75" anchors available upon request.