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Look Out 3 W.

Look Out 3 Wall is designed to help create awareness at blind corners and blind intersections!!
  • Unit alerts forklift drivers and pedestrians of dangerous encounters around blind corners.
  • Installation is simple! Plug it into an outlet and you're done!
  • Ceiling hung unit can be hung at any corner.
  • Look Out 3 Rack is designed to mount to any style rack upright.
  • Look out 3 Wall can be mounted on any flat surface.
  • 24 Volt plug-in wall transformer for a 110 Vac receptacle.
  • Optional hard wired universal transformer available. Converts anywhere from110v to 277v.
  • Amber lights available upon request.

Power Cords are sold separately. At checkout, please list which cord you want in the comments section. Please see list below for lengths and pricing:

15' - $36

25' - $39

50' - $45

75' - $50

100' - $55
Boxes 1
Floor Burst