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Item Number: GI-B213987
Manufacturer Part ID: P-S92-A
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    P-S92-A General Wire P-S92-A Speedrooter 92 Sewer Cleaning Machine includes 2 Cables & Cutter Set
    General Wire Speedrooter 92 Sewer Cleaning Machine includes 2 Cables & Cutter Set - P-S92-A

    The Speedrooter 92 has root cutting power plus the ability to do small drain work. For smaller lines, you switch to a drum that holds 1/2" cable, a job that takes less than a minute. Just loosen three knobs, swing the motor to the side, and lift off the drum. The power cable feed drives 3/4", 5/8", and 1/2" cables and has the pulling power to get your cable out of the line even on long, tough jobs. To adjust for 3/4" or 5/8" cables, you simply turn the knob on top of the feed. The screwdriver stays in the tool box. Getting to and from the job is easier because the Speedrooter 92 has big ten-inch wheels, V-belt stair climbers to get up and down stairs easier, and a loading wheel mounted on the handle to help you lift the machine into a truck. This lean but tough machine can really take a beating, with extra bracing at key stress points. The drum is supported front and back for longer bearing wear and smoother operation. The large drum has a see-through inner cage, so that the operator quickly can tell how much cable is left in the drum. Standard equipment also includes a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter and an "Off" position on the reverse switch, so the machine won't start if the pedal is pressed accidentally.

    Length: 22.75
    Width: 31.25
    Height: 28.75
    Actual Weight:244