Item Number: B1377607
Manufacturer Part ID: 540-8M
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    540-8M. Greenlee® 540-8M Mini Glo Stix Kit - 8' Features:
      Luminescent fiberglass rodsglow in the dark to make fishing voice, data and video wires easier in dark spaces, such as above ceilings, in walls, and below sub-floors More flexible for fishing in walls through outlet box holes Sturdy, steel-threaded connectors are interchangeable with Greenlee 1/4 IN (6.4 mm) Fish Stix Clear, non-metalic storagetube keeps Glo Stix charged and ready to use 200 lbs. (0.9 kN) maximum pulling strength Optional Whisk Nose Tip is available for fishing over obstacles, and can be used to guide extended Glo Stix sidewaysabove ceilings by rotating. Can also be used to fish longerlengths by providing a tip that can be snagged from the opposite direction with another extended Fish or Glo Stix with a hook nose tip

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