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HDW-12 Pumie Scouring Stick by U. S. Pumice SKU # 600781
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    HDW-12 MFG P/N - SKU # Pumie Scouring Stick is a non-toxic cleaning product that cleans where cleansers, chemicals, and scrub pads fail. Family safe abrasive cleaning product quickly removes rust stains, scale, hardwater buildup from porcelain toilets, sinks, tubs, and ceramic tile. Cleans rust from steel, paint from concrete, burned crusted food from grills, and chemical stains/rings from pool. Use with water and gently rub back and forth to remove unwanted deposits. Stick size: 5.25 In. L. x...

    TBR-6 Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover
    Retail: $9.61
    Price: $8.01
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      TBR-6 Pumie Toilet Bowl Ring RemoverPumie Toilet Bowl Ring Remover cleans through gentle abrasive action. Rubs out toilet rings in seconds. Rids porcelain bowl of rust and lime build-up. Ready-to-use. Unexcelled for removing stubborn stains and unsightly rings from toilet bowls. Cleans when the strongest acid cleaners fail. Contains no active chemicals or harsh detergents. Shapes easily to flat and curved surfaces. Non-toxic, safe for hands and around children and pets. Safe for the...

      JPS-12 Jumbo Pumie Scouring Brick
      Retail: $7.84
      Price: $6.53
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        JPS-12 Jumbo Pumie Scouring BrickJumbo Pumie Scouring Brick for the tough jobs. Works through abrasive action using water or your favorite cleaning liquid. Excellent for removing: baked on food, grease and carbon build-ups in ovens or on grills, rust and grime on machinery or tools, scale and rust on metal, paint on tile, masonry and concrete surfaces, lime and algae on ornamental and swimming pools, and mineral deposits around faucets and drains. Non-toxic pumice, large project size. 5-3/4...