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Item Number: GI-7730700
Manufacturer Part ID: 2130
Retail: $324.47
Price: $294.98
You Save: $29.49 (9.1%)


    2130 Ultra-Drain Square Seal - 36" x 36" x 3/8"
    Ultra-Drain Square Seal - 36" x 36" x 3/8" The Ultra-Drain Seal is a valuable addition to any emergency response plan, spill kit or storm water management program. This storm drain cover is constructed with a flexible, non-absorbing material and reinforced tear-resistant mesh, the pad is designed to quickly and effectively seal a drain in an emergency. Pad temporarily adheres to any smooth surface and quickly seals drains to prevents contaminants from entering. Mesh interior is sandwiched between layers of polyurethane, which increases durability and gives it the flexibility to deform and seal off most drains. Urethane construction allows pad to deform and seal off most drains. Easily cuts to custom shapes and sizes. Resistant to oil, water and most aggressive chemicals. Unlike some alternative products, BOTH sides will quickly seal drains as there is no specified top or bottom. Cleans with soap and water. Color finish is Orange. Weight is 20 lbs. Package quantity is 1. Wall Mount and Truck Mount storage containers are also available.

    Note: Not intended for long-term outdoor use, as UV exposure and/or heat for extended periods can degrade the product. 225; F/107.27#37; C for up to 30 minutes. Temperature limit 0; to 160; F/ -17.7; to 71.1: C.

    Color: Orange
    Material: Polyurethane
    Length: 36
    Width: 36
    Height: 38
    Actual Weight:20